“An afternoon session with Brickstorming turned a group of individuals into a cohesive team.  As a manager, I felt increased trust amongst my staff and saw an immediate boost in morale. The playful method has staying power; patients continue to notice the Lego builds in the clinic!”

Manager, FYI Doctors

“A particular highlight for me was this is probably the first meeting in my 4 years at AZ where I have had the opportunity to hear every participant share their views 3 or 4 times on a topic (via their Lego construction) vs the same extroverted individuals taking up the speaking time in meetings.”

Administrator, Astra Zeneca

“I didn’t really know what to expect, and was very pleasantly surprised at the comprehensiveness and detail in the methodology. More than most of the “gamification” or play-based learning seminars or trainings that I’ve attended over the years, the LSP training left me in a place where it feels like I’m well situated to hit the ground running and Do Something Soon!  But as I know all too well, a good training is about more than the content and activity design, it often boils down to the facilitation. And I not only really enjoyed your facilitation, it really felt like it took the training from good to great!”

Facilitator, LSP Association


“Regarding the exercise. I was skeptical at first because I know consultants need their ways of extracting dollars, however, it was great to get to see some of the team in a vulnerable way, because it is hard to crystalize your thoughts into a picture/model and it requires some humbling to present what may or may not make sense to others. That process enabled people to be open and honest about their thoughts and it was really refreshing to see that we aligned on a few key concepts.”

Participant, LSP Training

“I don’t think we could have gotten as much as we did by doing this in another way. My only concern is that because no one took notes we may not have captured all the great thoughts that were shared throughout the day!”

Participant, LSP Training

“In a way was refreshing…as my 6 year old doesn’t even let me help with a single Lego piece at home. So feedback on the workshop…selfishly, it was a great team building experience and I appreciated getting to know some folks in the room a little better.  I also do think that this type of approach helped lower some walls and got some people out of their comfort zone which allowed them to be a little more honest with their options/thoughts…but it also created a safe place to be honest with others about some of the challenges their functions have created for the commercial organization (ie. Legal usually shutting down great ideas due to their perceived risk).”

Participant, LSP Training

“I really enjoyed the exercise and believe it was a great way to think through current challenges because by making a structure and doing more than 1 round with each person having equal opportunity to present the ideas, it made us all think deeper and come up with higher quality ideas.”

Participant, LSP training