The Foundation Training Program

This blog post provides a brief overview of what to expect during facilitator training session in the  Lego® Serious Play® methodology. No previous LSP or LEGO® brick experience is necessary, the primary requirements are an open mind and the willingness to have some hard fun!

Each of the facilitators at Brickstorming are trained and certified by  The Association of Master Trainers. The association’s Foundation Training Program gives the complete face to face training required to become a facilitator in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) method. The training is a 4 day program which outlines the core process. Participants will design their own custom workshop as part of the LSP training expectations.

No prior facilitator training is required or any experience with LEGO® bricks. Yes, all LEGO® pieces regardless of their shape or use, are known as bricks. You will be introduced to many bricks during the training. 

The 4 days ahead are fun and intense. Each module follows the same structure: learning a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® principle or technique followed by a building session  to put the principle to use. Like the LSP sessions you will design, it is a “lean in” process. 

Building With Lego® Bricks

Not surprisingly, the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method uses Lego® bricks as a large part of the process. Facilitators learn how to use the safety of bricks to express complex ideas. Does that mean you need to be a master builder to be a successful facilitator? Not at all! 

During LSP sessions participants are not building tangible items like houses, but building the intangibles, expressing metaphors.  Your ideas can be expressed using just a few bricks. For those more comfortable with the bricks, they can choose to build more complex models. Both are simply expressing their ideas and feelings. Both are equally effective.

There is no need to have previous Lego® experience. For those who would like to get “hands on bricks” start with the basics. A box of basic bricks such as a LEGO® Creative Brick Box. Lots of basic bricks that can be put together in imaginative ways. Remember the goal is not to create something tangible but to use the bricks to fuel your imagination and creativity.

More Resources 

If you would like to know more to satisfy your curiosity about LSP and LSP expectations, there are some other resources available. The Association of Master Trainers, who provide the facilitator training, maintain a website. You can find it at:

The Association of Master Trainers

The developers of Lego® Serious Play® method Robert Rasmussen and Per Kristiansen have also written a book on the method called Building A Better Business Using the Lego® Serious Play® Method. (Wiley, July 2014) The book outlined the details of the method from a business focus. Many elements of the book will be covered in detail during the facilitator training session.