Let’s face it. Every business, every organization, faces problems they must solve. Each time it can be challenging, stressful, expensive and can take focus away from the core organizational activities. But it must be done.

If problems are left unattended, opportunities are missed, time and resources are wasted. More importantly, clients can be disappointed  or lost all together. So how can this be avoided or at least, minimised?

An organization must employ a rigorous process for understanding the dimensions of the problem,why the organization should tackle it, the resources required,  the possible solutions and the impact of the solutions. While this sounds like an expensive and time consuming process, it does not have to be.

The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method provides a methodology to identify complex problems and to take a deep dive into potential solutions. For those who are not familiar with the method, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® or LSP is a facilitated thinking, communication and problem solving technique. In LSP experiences, participants use a carefully chosen selection of LEGO® bricks in a unique process that encourages people to “think through their fingers.” The LSP method taps into the natural human ability and desire to play; to imagine, to describe and to make sense of a situation.

The use of LEGO® bricks creates a safe environment where all participants can progressively drill down into a problem in order to fully understand it. From this understanding, necessary resources and related costs can be more easily identified. The methodology allows all the stakeholders to contribute and can be used to fully explore various scenarios and potential solutions, at no additional costs.

This becomes a win for the organization. Each of the stakeholders has become a problem solver and has contributed to the solution. They now have ownership of the solution. With ownership, comes the support and resources needed to implement the solution.