When was the last time you used your smart phone to make a real connection? How many times a day do you need to correct misunderstandings as a result of email or text communication? In short, is everyday electronic communication actually improving our connections? The current research answers with a resounding “NO.” In fact, research from the management sector suggests that people spend significantly more time correcting, clarifying, and confirming information than they do conveying new ideas or generating knowledge output in electronic communications.

Brickstorming encourages a return to real communication. In an LSP seminar, clients construct a physical build that can display the communication pathways in your network. In turn, this allows your organization to effectively strengthen your network, correct ineffective communication channels when needed and identify missing connections altogether. Further, an LSP seminar strengthens individuals’ communication skills, encouraging a process of effective and respectful knowledge exchange. Let’s get back to real communication and real work!